Crazy Newspaper Edition 1
14 february 2005

Virgin Express goes pink

After several rumors, the news is now official. Sir Richard Branson (under) has decided to radically change the image of his company.

Richard Branson

"Our very popular company name will subsist, but Virgin won't be any more associated to red. Much people had problems to associate Virgin to the red colour, so we decided to change it to pink, symbolizing the new revival of Virgin."


CN assumes that the whole fleet of Virgin Express will be repainted in the coming few months, other products of the Virgin company will soon follow. The first pink plane will depart tomorrow, more details are to be found here. The first pink Virgin cola will be available in the stores next month. Cheers!

Virgin Cola

Analysts claim that the pink colour will certainly be notified, but they don't dare to bet that it will result in a higher profit, considering pink isn't the most popular colour on this planet. But everything could happen if Virgin is able to change that attitude. Let's hope it for them.

McDonalds launches the McDisgusting salad

McDonalds got recently a lot of complaints about their unhealthy food by several health organizations. In the beginning they tried to get a new image by offering healthier food like salads. But after the movie "Super size me", they had quite enough of it and decided to give all those nutritionists a taste of their own medicine.

That's why the McDonalds company started yesterday a large campaign on their new flagship, the McDisgusting. They were always known for their originality, but nobody thought they would ever go so far. Instead of yielding to the big pressure of making healthier food, they just did the opposite and started this huge advertising campaign ironizing their ridiculous attempt to make healthy but disgusting food. McDonald's new slogan will be: McDisgusting, I'm hatin' it.

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