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14 february 2005

Bill Gates wins the Crazy News Computer Marathon

Bill Gates (under) of Microsoft has just won the first edition of our annual Computer Marathon. Steve Jobs (Apple) was second. All participants had to run 42 km, carrying the whole time a computer (no laptop) with a self-made operating system. CN was able to make an exclusive interview with the winner.

What were your tactics?
I made a new operating system, Windows XP, Running Edition, especially designed to run a marathon. It analyses my speed, my position and my heart beat and gives me much information about it in the form of computer graphics.

We found this picture on the internet, and it proves that you have encountered a serious error during the Computer Marathon. What do you have to say about it?
It's obvious that the picture is manipulated. I noticed that much people hated that blue error screen, that's why I improved the stability of this operating system by changing the colour to green. It took one year of programming, but imagine how pretty it is. You'll just love to have a system error.

Didn't you have any virus problems?
No, the Microsoft team found an innovating way to stop virus attacks. Windows is now taking all the RAM of your computer, leaving no space for virus programs to be executed. Isn't that great!

Crazy News Net

Crazy News launches his new television company. It will be called Crazy News Net. (CNN)
Important notice: in opposition to CN, all the crazy news items will be fake, totally not corresponding to reality. Everyone should fully understand this before watching CNN.


Crazy News launches its own radio station: CN-fm. You can now listen to our crazy news stories on the radio. We are broadcasting live from the local madhouse at 95.7 Mhz.
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Crazy Crossword


  1. Winner of the CN Marathon.
  2. Who filmed the fake moon landing?
  3. New book of George W Bush.
  4. Saeed al Sahaf will be the head of the department of ... .
  5. Microsoft celebrates the ... security leak.
  6. The best way to get rid of viruses.
  7. What can you find in a bottle of Coca Cola?
  8. The mysterical disease of Michael Jackson.
  9. The location of the next terroristic attack, according to Bush.


  1. Sergeant Ivan Chip Frederick will be the head of the department of ... .
  2. Rabbit of George W Bush.
  3. Head of the department of Oil Securing.
  4. New salad of McDonalds.
  5. "That's one step for me, one giant leap for ... ."
  6. Ultramodern mowing machine.
  7. New colour of Virgin Express.
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