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3 proofs that aliens really do exist

It's finally proven: aliens do exist! Here are my 3 proofs.

Michael Jackson has Mad Cow Disease

Michael Jackson appears to have BSE, widely known as the Mad Cow Disease. This conlusion has been confirmed by his medical team.

How to keep your computer clean of viruses?

A funny FAQ on how to get rid of computer viruses and other rubbish with CN soap. The efficiency is guaranteed.

Virgin Express goes pink

Richard Branson changes the colour of Virgin Express from red to pink in an effort to make an entire image change of his airline company.

The mowing machine

An amazing new invention from the Netherlands; a revolutionary mowing machine. Buy it now and get a special gift for free.

The Simulation

John created our universe by a simulation, in an attempt to create a worse world then his own. In the beginning ...

Bush priceless

The Mastercard company will be sued for the following advertisement campaign satirizing George W Bush.

Bill Gates wins the first CN Marathon

Bill Gates won the first edition of our annual Computer Marathon, where all participants had to run 42 km, carrying the whole time a computer with a self-made operating system.

The new team of George W Bush

After the elections, George W Bush presents his new team. The three most important newcomers are general Peter J Schoomaker, Saeed al Sahaf and sergant Ivan Chip Frederick.

George W Bush presents his new Atlas

George W Bush presents his newest achieval: a world atlas based on his own view of today's world.

McDonalds launches the McDisgusting burger

McDonalds launches the McDisgusting salad in an efford to ironize healthy but disgusting food.

Baxunia, the rabbit of George W Bush

George W Bush finally reveals his biggest secret; his pet Baxunia, a rabbit.

Edition 2005: Announcement and candidates

The Crazy Pet 2005 award is a annual reward given to the funniest pet of a famous person by Crazy News.


(George W Bush) "Our intelligence agencies believe that Osama Bin Laden is in possess of weapons of mass destruction. Two black knives, one fork and a telephone. That's why we activated the highest terroristic alert. We believe he is planning to attack civilians in their own houses, more exactly in the kitchens. We do not intend to scare you, but the hightest precaution is required while entering your kitchen. Look carefully if you see suspected objects like knives, forks and telephones. If you see them, make sure no to touch any of those suspicious objects and contact the FBI immediately."

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