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McDonalds launches the McDisgusting burger

McDonalds got recently a lot of complaints about their unhealthy food by several health organisations. In the beginning they tried to get a new image by offering healthier food like salads. But after the movie "Super size me", they had quite enough of it and decided to give all those nutritionists a taste of their own medicine.

Super size me

That's why the McDonalds company started yesterday a large campaign on their new flagship, the McDisgusting. They were always known for their originality, but nobody thought they would ever go so far. Instead of yielding to the big pressure of making healthier food, they just did the opposite and started this huge advertising campaign ironizing their ridiculous attempt to make healthy but disgusting food. McDonald's new slogan will be: McDisgusting, I'm hatin' it.

McDisgusting - I'm hatin' it

Remarkably, the McDisgusting salad will actually be sold in all the McDonalds stores in the coming few months as a normal salad of the Salad Plus gamma. The McDisgusting includes a chickpea patty made from whole cooked chickpeas and vegetables blended with spices and combined with McDonald's selection of salad mix, low fat mayonnaise and a herb focaccia bun.

All together the McDisgusting contains just 10 grams of fat. The type of fat in the McDisgusting comes mainly from canola oil, a healthy mono-unsaturated type of fat and there is no animal fat. Importantly, McDonalds agree not to offer the McDisgusting with "fries and coke" as an extra value meal. The McDonalds 'Salads Plus' menu provides a selection of healthy food choices to complete a healthy meal including a yoghurt, fresh fruit and a choice of two salads.


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