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Baxunia, the rabbit of George W Bush

Our first candidate ...

The rabbit Baxunia That president George W Bush has a dog is widely known. But the fact he has a rabbit as a pet was kept top secret until now. The rabbit, Baxunia, has black eyes and a white-grey and very soft fur, according to Bush. And he follows the president wherever he goes in the white house. Bush really seems to care about him.

But apparently, general Peter J Schoomaker (Department of Oil Securing, former Department of Defense) is suffering from rabbitofobia; he is scared of rabbits and tries to escape from the room as soon as Baxunia enters it. According to many rumours, this is the reason why Schoomaker almost never returns to America and lives the whole year in his headquarter in the Middle East.

And why did Bush reveal his secret? Well, the FBI must have found out about our new award, the Crazy Pet of the year, with its first edition in 2005. We have completely no idea how they managed to do that, but at least we have our fist candidate for our Crazy Pet 2005 competition.


Important message from a Coca Cola employee.
Last week I lost my two front teeth at work. They probably fell in a bottle. They are quite old and thus very important for me. I was using them every day, allthough they became darker and darker every day.
If you find them, please contact me as I am collecting them.

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