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How to keep your computer clean of viruses?

The problem: viruses

Do you remember that virus you had some time ago? The one that errased all your files. You thought you were secure? You just installed the new Norton Antivirus on you brand new Windows XP. Well, this is the best proof that those programs suck. Windows XP is just a bunch of security leaks and antivirus software is there to make money as long as possible. They have completely no use; their only effect is to slow down your computer.

What doesn't work: antivirus programs

So stop using all those useless antivirus programs, firewalls and data recovery software unless you would like to empty your wallet or unless you collect virusses. But this is very unlikely. My advice: don't be so stupid. Just throw them away as quick as possible. And never, never install them again.

stop antivirus

The solution: wash your computer with CN computer soap!

The solution to this problem is very simple. So simple, that you might ask yourself why you didn't think of it. Computers are very similar to normal people. What are you doing to keep yourself healthy? You wash yourself. And there is no other way to keep yourself clean. You can be examined by doctors 24 hours on 24, if you don't wash yourself, you get sick. Even little children understand this.

washing child

As I said, with computers it's just the same thing. You have to wash them too. At least once a week to keep them clean. If you do it with our new CN computer soap, we will garantee you that you won't get virusses on that computer any more. Never again! Isn't that magnificent?

computer under shower

Order now and get a second soap for free!

Buy our new yellow CN computer soap for just 10$ and your computer will be released from viruses. This is much more efficient and cheaper than those useless and expensive antivirus programs. Buy it now and get a second soap for free.


"That's one small step for me, one giant leap for hackerkind." (Bill Gates about Microsoft Windows)

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