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George W Bush presents his new Atlas

After 80 days of 'hard' work, George W. Bush presents his newest achieval, a world atlas. The atlas will be available in three languages: English, French and German and will be sold in 79 countries. CN managed to arrange a short interview.

How did you come to the idea of making an atlas?
I noticed that my knowledge of geography was different than what other people knew about it. Everyone thought that I made a lot of mistakes. That's not true. Just try to look at it from my side. What I say is much simpler and should be the truth, and what others pretend is much more complicated and should be wrong.

Can you give us an example?
It's much easier to understand if I say that I'm going to Disneyland, than if I say that I'm going to Florida. Why shouldn't we change the name of the state then? That's why I created my own atlas, to let other people understand me and make the world much more simple. It's going to be called 'Atlas'. Original name, don't you think?

Of course. Do you want to say something to the American people before you leave?
Just remember my slogan: 'Don't think, vote Bush'.

We sure will. Thank you for the interview.


Important message from a Coca Cola employee.
Last week I lost my two front teeth at work. They probably fell in a bottle. They are quite old and thus very important for me. I was using them every day, allthough they became darker and darker every day.
If you find them, please contact me as I am collecting them.

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