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The new team of George W Bush

After buying the elections, George W Bush took advantage of this occasion to make some major changes to his administration. Yesterday he presented his new staff. These are the three biggest changes.

Department of
Oil Securing

general Peter J Schoomaker

general Peter J Schoomaker
Middle East

Department of

Saeed al Sahaf

Saeed al Sahaf

Department of

sergent Ivan Chip Frederick

sergent Ivan Chip Frederick
Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib

The department of Defense(Donald Rumsfeld) will be replaced by the Department of Oil Securing with headquarters in the Middle East. Donald Rumsfeld will retire after a successful carrier.
The Department of Oil Securing will be leaded by General Peter J Schoomaker. This is his reward for his brave leadership in the war in Iraq. He will continue fighting for the good cause in the coming war in Iran in 2006.

Margaret Spellings of the Department of Education will be replaced by Saeed al Sahaf. From now on, all American children will learn true American values at school.

Most Americans already realized the American legal system was insufficient. That's why new methods were needed. Sergent Ivan Chip Frederick had the brilliant idea to use torture. He was rewarded for this idea by getting the leadership of the Department of Justice. This Department has been renamed to Department of Torture. The headquarters will be situated at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.


EA Games announces his newest game Command & Conquer: Make War, Not Love. It will be available in the beginning of next year at an estimate of 50$. A demo is coming soon.

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