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The Simulation

How it all started

Once, somewhere in some universe, John was annoyed. He couldn't get concentrated. All those stupid exercises he had to make for school! He hated his world. Then he suddenly thought if there possibly could be a worse world? At that moment he got the idea to start a simulation.

First he gathered all the information he needed to make such a simulation. He always knew his programming skills would become useful someday. He quickly programmed his simulation as only a few basic constants like mass and energy were needed and some simple input and output. Piece of cake. Just a few moments later, he started his simulation. Galaxies were formed in a few minutes. Stars began shining and planets began to form.

But then it stopped suddenly and he received the message that some potential intelligent life was discovered. And it all started here.

The major problems

He already thought a long time about everything that was needed to make this new world worse than his own. His two basic needs were wrong information and egoism. Assuming the second one was already formed by evolution, he only focused at the first one.

Assuming this was true, he had to avoid the truth as much as possible. His first idea was that the people he shaped should never know who shaped them. So he created the first of all his lies: religion.

He gave a different religion to every group, but to all the same illusion: God. Instead of handling on their own, this believe learned them to trust in God and pray. It's obvious that this will lead to some major problems, and not only a huge waste of time.

Every group of religious people thinks they believe in the right God, strengthened by their initial egoism. They start to make war in the name of their Gods (God bless the Crusaders) to capture 'holy' places or just to destroy those 'unbelieving dogs'.

But religion was not enough for our John. That's why he created different languages, knowing this will only unable the communication and thus enforce the wrong information. This will enlarge the group effect, what means more wars.

John always wanted to become a writer. The only problem was that nobody bought the book he wrote, being a bunch of funny stories with no logic in it. He called it 'The Bible' and published it on Earth (that's how he called his new world) as a holy book and it became a bestseller.

As final act, to create more chaos, he creates news companies that distribute fake news stories like CNN and BBC.

The solution

But as time passed, he realized what a mess his experience made. John decided to stop all those lies to make our world a better place. And then came Crazy News with a major clean-up.

Garbage: CNN, BBC, ...


Crazy News launches his own radio station CN-fm. You can now listen to our crazy news stories on the radio. We are broadcasting live from the local madhouse at 95.7 Mhz.

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